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What is Solo (Autocross)?

Solo is the SCCA brand name for autocross competition. Solo events are driving skill contests that emphasize the driver's ability and the car's handling characteristics. This is accomplished by driving a course that is designated by traffic cones on a low hazard location, such as a parking lot or inactive airstrip.

What kind of car do I have to have to be able to solo?

Just about any car in good mechanical condition is eligible for SCCA® Solo® events. Anything from a Chevrolet Corvette to a Toyota Camry is allowed to run in Solo. As long as your car passes tech (safety) inspection and is not on the exclusion list or prone to rollover (mostly SUVs) then your vehicle is probably available to run.

Where can I find more information?

First time autocrossing? Click here for more information. There is also information on the website for the SCCA. If you are looking for help finding the class for your car, the SCCA classifier is a good tool. When in doubt, always refer to the official rulebook.

How can I expect to compete with the faster cars?

The cars are all divided into classes. The classes are based on things such as the model of the car, the type of tires being used, and the modifications the car may have.

Never Raced Before?

No problem! This is a friendly environment. If you need help just ask, there are plenty of people willing to help.

We are now offering a special discount for first time racers. The first event is only $35 for a full day.

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