Welcome to RallyCross!

New here? Follow this list, and you'll be a natural
  • Sign the waiver at the gate and get an armband
    Everyone on site must sign the liability waiver, competitor or not. Also, everyone under age 18 needs parental consent (both parents or guardians) on a minor waiver.
  • Park in paddock and empty your car
    Look for a spot not occupied by someone’s gear. Take out the floor mats or anything else that can move. Empty the trunk of the spare tire, jack, and so forth.
  • Tech Inspection
    A club volunteer will check your car for obvious dangers, such as loose wheel bearings, steering wheel play, brake pedal that sinks to the floor, or anything that looks unsafe for RallyCross conditions. Targa tops, T-tops, and convertibles hardtops must be securely fastened.
  • Get registered
    Go see the people behind the computer screen and have your driver’s license and entry fee handy. If you’re not a SCCA member, fill out a weekend membership (unless you registered online), which will make you an official, insured SCCA member for the next five days. Keep your copy of the form to turn in for a $15 discount on annual SCCA membership.
  • Get a work assignment
    SCCA RallyCross is completely staffed by the same people competing in the event, which is how we keep this safe and affordable. There will be two heats, and you will drive in one of them and work the other, often on course.
  • Put number and class letters on each side of your car
    Your car needs to have visible numbers and class lettering on each side so we know who’s driving. Don’t focus too hard on this “class” thing now. You’re here to have fun (and be safe).
  • Walk the course
    Everyone is allowed to look at the course on foot before competition time. Find the start line, and get an idea where the course goes. These events frequently have a parade lap behind the wheel before competition begins, as well.
  • Attend the drivers' meeting
    This is mandatory. Since you’re new, actually pay attention, too. We’ll go over safety, cone penalties, and all the other RallyCross basics.
  • Get ready to either run or work
    You're probably signed up to work either the first heat and run the second heat, or vice versa. If you are running in the first heat, bring your car to grid and pick a spot. If you are working this heat, come to the back of the trailer and get checked in.
  • Second heat
    Workers and drivers swap from the first heat. Simple enough.
  • Lunch break
    We will usually have a break around midday that lasts 30-60 minutes. Listen for announcements, watch the clock, and be back on time so that we're not looking for you.
  • Help clean up
    After the runs are complete, all the cones and equipment have to get packed up. The more people help, the faster this gets done.
  • Awards
    The results will be tabulated while the course is getting stacked up and loaded. Stick around and see where everyone placed.
  • Drive home safe
    No burnouts, donuts, speeding, or anything dumb while leaving. That is a good way for us to lose a venue, and those are hard to come by.