RallyCross FAQ

What kind of event is this?

This is SCCA RallyCross, where drivers compete on an agility course marked by cones. Entrants compete one at a time against the clock, and get a set number of chances to set their best total time without hitting cones. Cars are grouped into classes of similar performance and modification level, and drivers seek to set the fastest time in their class.

How much does it cost to watch?

Watching is free. We just ask that you observe the safety guidelines printed on reverse.

Is this legal?

This event is fully sanctioned and insured by the Sports Car Club of America, one of the largest motorsports organizations in the world. It is run in accordance with SCCA rules to ensure safety, competitiveness, noise compliance, and other measures of quality. Events are held with the full cooperation of the site owner.

Is this safe?

Our guidelines require entrants to not encounter speeds and obstacles greater than found on public roads. We strive to minimize danger to participants and guests, and our one-at-a-time format has a great history of low-risk skills building and driving fun.

How much money do you win?

Class winners typically earn bragging rights and maybe a trophy. As a non-profit club, events are administered by volunteers, and competitors staff all work positions. This makes SCCA RallyCross a highly affordable and accessible means to join the world of motorsports.

Who is allowed to compete?

Generally anyone with a driver’s license and hardtop passenger car in safe working order can pay a modest fee and enter. The sport is family-oriented, and often features examples of spouses, siblings, and children competing against one another. In some cases, minors with a permit are allowed to compete with parental permission and participation.

Can I ride as a passenger?

One passenger of minimum age (adult or aged 12-17 with both parents/guardians signing waiver) and height (57 inches or taller) is allowed to ride as a passenger on a run, and there is no cost. Many drivers are happy to let you ride, and it is a great way to see what the sport is all about. However, there are some simple safety requirements on the reverse side of this sheet that we ask you understand and follow.

What kind of car would I need to compete?

If you have a passenger car, we have a place for you. The only exceptions for stability reasons are lifted 4x4’s, two-wheelers, ATVs, certain SUVs, or anything with a high center of gravity. We have classes accommodating cars with a variety of performance and modification levels, from stock family sedans to purpose-built rally cars. Convertibles must have factory hardtop, and targas and T-tops must be in place.

How can I find out more?

Visit http://www.scca.com and click “Find Your Fun” to read more information about our club.