Utah Road Racing, Club Racing

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Road Racing at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah

If you feel the need for some wheel-to-wheel racing competition, Utah SCCA hosts road racing events at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah – a regional race (the ground level of road racing, with many classes available and limited preparation necessary); and, a national race (the upper level of amateur road racing, which culminates with the final national championship). There are many race driver's schools available in our division, and our competition chair will be happy to tell you how to get started. You should also review the Guide To Obtaining An SCCA Competition License For Club Racing. There are other regions in our division who conduct regional and national races too, so you can be busy all season long!

If your budget prohibits you from going all out racing right now, and you're not sure you want to use the car you drive to work everyday for a Solo/autocross event, you can become involved behind the scenes as a worker or track volunteer. We couldn't go racing if it weren't for the flaggers, grid workers, timing & scoring volunteers, pit and paddock marshals, the registrars who greet us when we get to the track – and many others! There's an extra benefit to working Pro event races for Miller Motorsports Park course.