2024 Utah SCCA Autocross Schedule of Events

Event Date Location Registration / Results
Year To Date Results Results:
1 Sunday, March 24th Maverik Center Results:
Saturday, April 6th Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) - Evo School I N/A
Sunday, April 7th Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) - Evo School II N/A
2 Sunday, April 14th Utah State Fairpark Results:
3 Saturday, April 20th Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) Results:
4 Saturday, May 4th Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) Results:
Suturday, May 18th Winnemucca Wildcard Results:
Sunday, May 19th Winnemucca Wildcard Results:
5 Saturday, May 25th Utah State Fairpark Results:
6 Sunday, June 9th Utah State Fairpark Results:
7 Sunday, June 30th Utah State Fairpark Results:
8 Saturday, July 20th Utah Motorsports Campus Results:
9 Sunday, August 4th Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC)
10 Sunday, August 18th * Utah Fairpark *
Saturday, August 24th Top Gun Montana
Sunday, August 25th Top Gun Montana
Saturday, September 14th UMC Rocky Mountain Challenge
Sunday, September 15th UMC Rocky Mountain Challenge
Saturday, September 14th Rocky Mountain Challenge - UMC
Sunday, September 15th Rocky Mountain Challenge - UMC
11 Sunday, September 22nd * Utah Motorsports Campus *
12 Sunday, October 6th * Utah State Fairpark *
13 Saturday, October 12th Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC)
14 Sunday, October 20th * Utah State Fairpark *
15 Sunday, November 3rd Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC)


* Denotes that location or date is not finalized, and is subject to change due to the difficulty of booking in advance with some venues