2024 Utah SCCA Autocross Schedule of Events

Event Date Location Registration / Results
1 Sunday, March 24th Maverik Center Results:
Saturday, April 6th Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) - Evo School I
Sunday, April 7th Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) - Evo School II
2 Sunday, April 14th Utah State Fairpark Results:
3 Saturday, April 20th Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) Results:
4 Saturday, May 4th Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) Results:
Suturday, May 18th Winnemucca Wildcard
Sunday, May 19th Winnemucca Wildcard
5 Saturday, May 25th Utah State Fairpark
6 Sunday, June 9th Utah State Fairpark
7 Sunday, June 30th Utah State Fairpark
8 Sunday, July 7th * Utah State Fairpark *
9 Sunday, July 28th * Maverik Center *
10 Sunday, August 4th Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC)
11 Saturday, August 17th * Maverik Center
Saturday, August 24th Top Gun Montana
Sunday, August 25th Top Gun Montana
12 Saturday, September 7th * Maverik Center *
13 Sundayy, September 8th * Maverik Center *
Saturday, September 14th Rocky Mountain Challenge - UMC
Sunday, September 15th Rocky Mountain Challenge - UMC
14 Sunday, September 22nd * Utah Motorsports Campus *
15 Sunday, October 6th * Utah State Fairpark *
16 Saturday, October 12th Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC)
19 Sunday, October 20th * Utah State Fairpark *
18 Sunday, November 3rd Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC)


* Denotes that location or date is not finalized, and is subject to change due to the difficulty of booking in advance with some venues