RallyCross Safety First!

Your safety is our first priority. Preventing injuries allows us to continue holding fun and affordable events. If we ask something of you, it’s not personal. We just want to keep everyone safe.


  • remain in areas designated for viewing.
  • no smoking, children under age 12, or pets in grid.
  • do not congregate in grid, as it is an active area.
  • watch for cars coming and going. It’s much easier for you to see them than vice versa.
  • keep pets on a leash, no matter how well-behaved they are.
  • no burnouts, donuts, or speeding near the site. We can only hold events with cooperation from neighbors and the community, and poor behavior could shut down our sport permanently.

Riding as Passenger

  • Must have filled out a SCCA weekend membership form, available from the waiver station or timing trailer. There is no cost for you. Just write “passenger” on the form. This is required for SCCA safety compliance and insurance coverage.
  • Must be at least 12 years old. Anyone under age 18 must have both parents/guardians sign a minor waiver.
  • Must be wearing an approved Snell-rated helmet. No “shorties,” bicycle helmets, etc.
  • We have loaner helmets that you can borrow. We have a limited number to share, so just remember to return it as soon as you are done with the run.
  • If you have a helmet and don’t know if it meets minimum specification, just ask an event official and we can verify. Later Snell motorcycle and auto racing ratings are the most common, and will have a Snell sticker inside the liner. DOT rating alone is not sufficient.
  • Have all seat belts in place, and keep all hands and arms inside the car.
  • No handheld cameras, phones, drinks, or other loose objects. Anything not securely mounted can become a projectile.


In designated viewing areas, you may take photos and videos without a spotter. With a dedicated spotter and approval of an event RallyCross Safety Steward, a photographer may be in course areas. Event course workers may not act as spotters.